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An AI-Powered, Human-Validated Information Service

We work with executives and industry leaders to source reliable and curated data designed for enhanced decision making, better brand reputation, and proactive crises management.

There’s a problem with the way people consume information, and we’re here to fix it

Gone are the days of spending countless hours doomscrolling through endless articles and tweets that are irrelevant to what you’re looking for. 

Turbine Labs simplifies the information gathering process by doing the heavy lifting and delivering data-backed information straight to you that tells you what you need to know for better, more informed decisions for your company.

What are you waiting for?

News gathering solutions for busy decision makers

TL_Build Industry Credibility
Build Industry Credibility

Receive industry information you need directly to your inbox, phone, or Slack channel so you can build credibility both internally and externally as an expert of your field.

TL_Manage Strategic Communication Icon
Manage Communication

Find 3rd-party information to validate your thought-leadership strategy which will help you gain industry influence through strategic communication. 

TL_Establish Brand Reputation
Preserve Brand Reputation

Learn pertinent information as soon as it surfaces so you have time to address the situation and maintain a proactive brand reputation with your clients and the general public. 

TL_Establish Actionable Decision Making
Inform Decision Making

We provide you with the information and insights you need to make smarter decisions.  No more decision-making on a whim or based on false information. 

TL_Monitor Media Coverage
Monitor Media Coverage

Cut the noise by getting the insights you need with tailored keywords and industry segments so you no longer have to waste time scrolling to find answers.

TL_Gain Audience Sentiment
Verify Audience Sentiment

Get updates on the general media landscape about your company so you can stay in the loop and track what people are saying and feeling in relation to your organization.

How we do it



No Coding Necessary

Get more work done without writing complex software or code from scratch to find the information you need. Initiating a request is easy — just type a request into our online order form or send us an email.  It really is that simple.

More Power to You

Turbine Labs is standing by ready to take your request for information about any question, topic, crisis, or opportunity. 


54,000X Faster Than Humans

Our AI-powered software has access to millions of news media, social platforms, and other public sources to filter, classify, and score that information to deliver what matters most to you, and exclude what doesn’t. 

Accurate and Objective

Our platform filters data and scores for relevancy, sentiment, authority, and other attributes that ensure the final output contains only the most objective and accurate data.




Your Personal Newsroom

Technology isn’t perfect, which is why we employ a full-time team of journalists to validate processed data and finalize the insights before being delivered to your inbox. 

The Right Tool for the Job

Turbine Labs has discovered the perfect working balance between AI-powered technology and human expertise and has leveraged it to reduce friction in the information-gathering and decision-making process. With different output formats to choose from, you can rest assured the right information is delivered at the right time. 

Use cases

See how we provide deeper value while saving time and resources

Largest Wireless Communication Provider
Leading Trade Association
Electronic and home appliance company

The largest wireless communication provider in the US stays on top of breaking news

As service outages began occurring in the southeastern part of the US, CUE allowed the provider to stay up to date on key news breaking as they looked to understand where the biggest hotspots were so they could tailor an appropriate response to incoming media inquiries.

TL_wireless communication

The leading trade association serving the consumer credit industry tracks big policy issues

This association uses Segments to track volume, sentiment, and ongoing narratives associated with some of the biggest policy issues facing its member base. They also use Segments to identify key publications and people influencing the discussion so they can tailor their approach effectively.

TL_credit industry

An 8 trillion yen electronic and home appliance company based in Japan keeps key stakeholders informed

This firm uses the Digest as a vehicle to keep key stakeholders (up to the C-suite) informed of key brand, industry, and competitive news on a daily basis. The Communications team also uses this as a platform for showcasing their work across a variety of focus areas (D&I, CSR, etc.).

TL_An 8 trillion yen

What our clients have to say

“Intelligence informs strategy; without it, we’re just guessing. We partner with Turbine Labs to learn what’s happening, why, by whom, and, most importantly, what’s next. When you work with them, you don’t just get great data, you get the human intelligence to make wiser decisions. In these challenging times, nothing is more important than knowing what’s next.”

Richard S. Levick, Esq.

Chairman & CEO


“Turbine Labs, their team and their technology have transformed our daily engagement with our members, providing them insights beyond the news of the day. Turbine’s tools enable our trade association to also better understand the public policy landscape and to better serve our members.”

Ed McFadden

VP Communications

afsa logo

“Turbine Labs is setting a new industry standard for communications insights and measurement. They have quickly become an invaluable partner to our global IMC team, significantly enhancing our commtech stack and data intelligence program.”

Torod Neptune

Worldwide Group Vice President & Chief Communications Officer


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