Personalized Executive Intelligence

AI-driven answers and insights built for change-makers and disruptors.


Go Ahead, Ask. 

Keywords are out. Everyday language is in. Just ask the Turbine a question, and get powerful answers returned in an instant.

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Decision Support That Improves Over Time

Rather than one-size-fits-all, the Turbine delivers the right insights, in the right format, at the right time. Customized to you and your team.



Comprehensive Executive Intelligence delivered astonishingly fast – on any topic or crisis.


A two-minute summary of the most impactful media and social content. Delivered twice a day.


The "can't miss" content and trends, delivered vis SMS, in real- time. All context. No noise.

Enriched Data

Assimilate Turbine's AI+ML contextualized and categorized data into your own app or platform.


More than Data and Analytics. Information.

Everyone has access to data. That's table stakes. Vanity metrics? They're a dime a dozen.

The Turbine picks up where everyone else leaves off: through data enrichment, context, and routing. So you'll never miss a mention.


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Everything in Proper Context.

Our patent-pending platform uses Artificial Intelligence for data access, scale, and accuracy. And human intelligence for narrative, context, and data training.

The result? Insights exactly the way you'd expect them to be: actionable.


Buy Only What You Need. No Contracts.

Don't mind if we do a little disrupting ourselves, do you? We only write annual agreements if it's right for your business. Otherwise, simply let us re-earn your business – and trust – each month.

So go ahead, Ask the Turbine.

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