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turbinelabs November 1, 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

#NoQuery #FasterInsights

Turbine Labs is “no query” software – a first in our space. In other words, ask the Turbine a question or make a statement in language that is as “everyday” or as technical as you’d like. The output is created from enriched, clean, curated data. The answer is formatted and routed based on the nature of the question. So you spend less time sifting through data and more time making informed decisions.

Need some inspiration? See the kinds of questions your peers are asking. (Customer names and specific topics have been removed). And when you’re ready… #AskTheTurbine.

Turbine: How effectively did the media pull through our messaging of [XYZ] during our earnings announcement today?

Turbine: Tomorrow our CFO has a press junket hosted by [XYZ]. Let me know if any publications mention the interview or our CFO in the context of the original interview. 

Turbine: What is [XYZ] standards body saying about our competitor as it relates to their product roadmap?

Turbine: Can you generate a Segment if customer complaints about [XYZ] generate more than 1,000 negative mentions on social media channels in the next 4 hours?

Turbine: Text me if [XYZ] from the Wall Street Journal mentions us in a tweet, but only if that tweet starts to go viral. 

Turbine: We’re running a new TV ad Sunday night. Please let us know how our tracked influencers accelerate the momentum of the topic up to 3 hours after airing.  

Turbine: How did the media and consumer momentum originate around the video uploaded by our customer who [XYZ] last night?

Turbine: We’re preparing for the possibility of protests in [XYZ] this weekend. Can you deliver us updates every 4 hours?

Turbine: The industry trade group [XYZ] is going to be dropping a press release tomorrow morning mentioning us. Can you track the highest virality media mentions that are on our Turbine100 media list?

Turbine: Please initiate Tabs for any chatter around a partnership between [XYZ] and our brand, specifically around the beta test of our new product called [XYZ] that will go live next week. 

Turbine: For our upcoming board meeting, can you prepare a summary of the highest visibility media stories over the last 30 days?

Turbine: We’re happy with the viral coverage we received for our announcement of [XYZ]. For the consumers who mentioned the coverage, which ones are worth engaging with? 

Turbine: Our CEO testified in front of the Senate today. How did she do?

Turbine: Can you monitor the reach and influencer contribution of this story? [URL]

Turbine: Please keep an eye out for coverage related to this URL: [XYZ] 

Turbine: Summarize the number and contents of Congressional staff media quotes and original tweets related to the Senate hearing on [XYZ] earlier today.

Turbine: Please include this story in tomorrow’s Digest. [URL]

Turbine: How did today’s launch of [XYZ] compare to the same event last year?

Turbine: We’re expecting some coverage to pop up related to our [XYZ] program. Can you please monitor and send a Segment – as this may become a bigger event. 

Turbine: Is the coverage around this topic taking place in a vacuum, or has it crossed to the general public?

Turbine: Three hours ago, you did a Segment on [XYZ]. Are there any important changes?

Turbine: What are the key differences between how the financial press and the industry press covered our recent [XYZ] announcement?

Turbine: We’re launching [XYZ] in two weeks. We need to see if news about it leaks. Please initiate Cue alerts to [XYZ] group. 

Turbine: Our competitor is releasing earnings tomorrow. Can you track the media themes that consumers are amplifying?

Turbine: We just clarified our messaging after the launch of {XYZ] to stem off confusion. How has the hour by hour sentiment of the topic evolved as a result of the new messaging?

Turbine: Can you focus the Public Policy section of tomorrow’s Digest on the Congressional hearings related to [XYZ] today?