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Cultivating a Culture of Diversity in the Workplace

Taylor Christy August 19, 2021
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Conversations surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) have increased exponentially in the last year. Companies and their leaders are faced with the opportunity (and challenge) of deploying initiatives that promote diversity in meaningful and impactful ways.

So, what exactly is DEI in the workplace? Diversity, equity and inclusion are interconnected yet distinctly different in meaning. If diversity is building a workforce with a wide-ranging selection of backgrounds and experiences, inclusion is ensuring that every employee is given the room to have a voice and thrive. Equity refers to the policies that support diversity and inclusion within a company – recognizing the uniqueness of each employee and accommodating their needs.

Overall, evaluating and developing DEI initiatives is a critical step in empowering employees and ensuring a successful workplace. A CNBC/SurveyMonkey Workforce survey found 78% of professionals surveyed valued working at an organization that prioritizes diversity and inclusion. The study further suggested that employees are happier if they are pleased with their company’s DEI effort.

From open dialogues to actionable insights, organizations are implementing initiatives to not only advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within their company but to foster a long-standing, inclusive culture.

A graphic demonstrating diversity and equity - image displays 6 people standing on different size blocks to raise everyone to the same height


Ways to Grow DEI

A Business Insider survey asked more than 50 executives what it takes to create a positive corporate culture. Their responses were empowerment and inclusivity. Below are key strategies that companies are implementing to do just that – prioritize people while empowering conversation and action.


Energizing Conversations

From discussion forums to educational training, companies are encouraging and facilitating open and honest conversations around DEI. This is essential in creating a safe space for employees. A key to success in this endeavor is a commitment to open and consistent communication for employees to share their experiences and raise awareness of any issues or gaps that are preventing them from bringing their authentic selves to work.

Many organizations are creating councils and task forces to drive these conversations around critical topics and to develop innovative solutions to DEI-related challenges internally within the company and externally across the industry. These conversations can be difficult but starting them is a step toward creating a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable culture.


Championing Change

Leadership on DEI initiatives is essential for companies to turn these open dialogues into action. Executives must be a leading voice, committed to empowering employees and advancing the company’s culture through a DEI lens. A leader’s active, visible role in DEI efforts conveys the company’s values, sets an example for employees, and helps sustain momentum. By listening, identifying challenges, and developing solutions, company leaders are championing DEI objectives, messaging, and behavior.


Getting Actionable Insights

Identifying and effectively responding to DEI challenges internally involves the utilization of data and analytics. Combined with conversation and leadership, data-driven actionable insights are necessary for setting realistic, impactful DEI goals and timeframes or building formal mentorship programs to promote development and advancement more equitably.

By compiling workforce data, companies are developing a deeper understanding of the trends, patterns, and even needs within the company and the market. Subsequently, that data can be used to track the progress of company DEI initiatives. Data and insights drive targeted action and create accountability, especially when it comes to achieving DEI objectives.


Cultivating Your Culture

Empowering employees through these strategies, and countless others advances a culture of DEI in the workplace. Now is the time to evaluate and grow your DEI efforts company-wide. Curious about resources to guide your growth? We’ve compiled a list of resources to help your journey.

We invite you to share the ways your company is cultivating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as we all return to work. Continue those conversations, stay informed, and empower your team.

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