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Most Viral News In Tech: June 2018

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We tracked the most viral news in tech published in June. Here is what we found:


As millennials are keeping up with the Kardashians, business professionals and decision-makers are keeping up with trending topics and the most viral news in tech. Because media and technology is a constant ebb and flow of ideas and advancements, it is critical to stay on top of these industry reports.

And while our JetStream Briefing delivers impactful headlines each day to executives and brand leaders alike, this blog series provides the most viral news in tech from top tier publications each month to ensure you are not missing a beat. See below previous viral news stories of 2018:

Kicking off summer 2018, June had some interesting stories hitting the newstands. From burnout in the tech industry to “superheroes” ruling with an iron fist, see what’s as hot in the industry as the temperature outside.

Microsoft Employees Protest Work With ICE, as Tech Industry Mobilizes Over Immigration – The New York Times

Outbound Virality: 30K Shares

On June 19, Microsoft posted an open letter on their internal message board receiving 100 signatures from employees persisting the company no longer work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In a venehment topic sweeping the nation, Microsoft was not the only company protesting as tech workers from companies like Google, Amazon and Apple mobilized against the Trump administration’s  “new zero tolerance” policy that resulted in children being separated from their migrant parents. CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk joined other tech executives and stated, “If there is some way for me to help these kids I will do so.”

Why We Need To Talk About Burnout In The Tech Industry – Forbes

Outbound Virality: 23.3K

In a survey that received answers from 88,000 respondents in tech giants such as Uber, Netflix and Facebook, 57.16% of professionals said they were suffering from job burnout. With burnout consequences resulting in increased costs for company wellbeing initiatives, decrease in employee retention and even death (120,000 deaths per year to be exact), companies especially in the tech industry need to understand the importance of recognizing this issue and solving for it.

California Passes Strict Internet Privacy Law With Implications For The Country – NPR

Outbound Virality: 12.7K Shares

California voter Alastair Mactaggart spent almost $3.5 million to establish an initiative that was later signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on June 28. The deal grants Californians new data privacy rights and will likely affect tech across the nation. “It will absolutely change the way that companies do business in the state of California, if not the United States,” Washington D.C attorney Christin McMeley said, stating that the law will not just impact Internet companies. “This is much broader than online. It is all information.”

Apple unveils iOS 12 with better photo sharing and tools to cure your iPhone addiction – CNBC

Outbound Virality: 9.5K

Apple has developed another update for its devices revealing iOS 12. The company’s top software executive Craig Federighi stated that they are “doubling down on performance” as new features include: faster response, augmented reality, enhanced features and even a series of tools to “combat tech addiction and fear of missing out.” Presented at the Worldwide Developer Conference June 4, Federighi announced that “This is the largest base ever supported by an Apple release, and we’re focusing our efforts especially on the oldest devices.”

The Age of Tech Superheroes Must End – Wall Street Journal

Outbound Virality: 6.7K

Accountability and identity crises among tech’s most prominent executives are running amok as the industry is putting their CEOs on pedestals that they shouldn’t necessarily always be on. According to the article, treating these brand leaders as though they are superheroes leaves investors and the companies they are leading in dangerous positions. “Treating CEOs as if they were born on the planet Krypton also leads to, among other things, their being paid too much money and granted too much power,” author Christopher Mims writes.

From Microsoft employees rallying together to Apple’s most innovative update yet, the tech industry only continues to move forward. Stay tuned for August’s most viral news in tech.