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May’s Most Viral Tech Stories

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We tracked the five most viral media tech stories shared in May. Here is what we found:


With evolving technologies and advancements in the world of tech, keeping up with the latest trends is crucial as innovation is relentless in the tech industry. Especially for decision-makers and brand leaders, understanding the current tech environment helps drive strategy and enables a competitive advantage.

While Turbine Labs delivers industry-impacting headlines each day in our JetStream Briefing, this blog series contains the most viral tech stories from accredited publications each month. See what else has happened in tech in 2018:

From controversial facial recognition technology to tech giants squashing the competition, May had a variety of viral tech stories hitting the newsstands:

Amazon is selling facial recognition technology to police, allowing them to analyze ‘millions of faces in real-time’ – Recode

Outbound Virality: 18K shares

Rekognition, an Amazon facial recognition technology, is being sold to law enforcement to track and identify suspects in real-time against a pool of millions of faces. While this technology has greatly improved apprehension of suspects, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is not one bit pleased. In a letter addressing Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, the ACLU believes, “This product poses a grave threat to communities, including people of color and immigrants, and to the trust and respect Amazon has worked to build.”

How Tech Can Turn Doctors Into Clerical Workers – The New York Times

Outbound Virality: 12K Shares

Dive into Dr. Abraham Verghese’s narrative of how digital medicine and technology is beginning to transform the medical industry. While the threat of electronic health and AI have positioned machine learning as superior to physician recommendations and clinical judgement, the bottom line is that a human approach is still vital in patient care.

American tech giants are making life tough for startups – The Economist

Outbound Virality: 4.1K Shares

It is no secret that tech giants like Amazon and Google are leaders in innovation, but a newly coined term called the “kill-zone” has startups fearing for their safety in the industry. Large tech corporations are either acquiring small startups or working to eliminate the competition, which has entrepreneurs and small tech businesses worried about the future.

Deep learning with synthetic data will democratize the tech industry – TechCrunch

Outbound Virality: 1.5K Shares

Data just isn’t what it used to be. Software is now using machine learning to develop synthetic data, a type of computer-generated data that mirrors “real data” but replaces human curated and real-world-captured data. The catch? Computers are fast learners and anyone can implement synthetic data to their advantage.

This Woman Is Challenging The White Male-Dominated Tech Industry From The Inside – Huffington Post

Outbound Virality: 1.3K Shares

Google’s Annie Jean-Baptiste is working to transform the white male stereotype of tech. While promoting workplace inclusion, her interview with HuffPost shares her experience of what it’s like being a woman of color in the industry and how she is working to shatter the glass ceiling.

From synthetic data to digital medicine, May was filled with interesting updates in tech. Stay tuned for next month’s blog post as we cover June’s most viral tech stories.