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Political Decision-Making in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Taylor Christy May 24, 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence now reaches far beyond the tech industry, integrating into all facets of our lives from healthcare to journalism, and now politics. The use of AI-enabled tools offers new and important opportunities for politics and policy, specifically for decision-making. These tools can be used to analyze patterns to guide targeted advertising, highlight the likelihood of legislation being passed, detect disinformation, educate voters about candidates and issues, and better inform policymakers. 

AI as a Tool for Political Decision-Making

In the political sphere, AI-powered platforms have played a significant role in election campaigns, but AI is now rapidly emerging as a powerful tool for policymakers to pursue a data-driven policy approach. Visualize, for an instant, the ideal politician: one that deeply understands their constituency and the issues that impact them, who then translates those issues into effective data-driven policies that better the communities they represent. In today’s world, it is extremely difficult to fit this mold.

With the endless sea of information available today, politicians and their teams are overloaded with data and feedback. AI platforms, like Turbine Labs’, cuts the noise and allows these decision-makers to focus on the articles, topics and information that matter, how and when they need it most. AI-powered tools, specifically machine learning, can enhance the accuracy of decision-making as compared to more traditional processes that are complicated by the complexities of the vast data stream. This gives political leaders the ability to analyze large amounts of information, providing an in-depth look at the major issues impacting society and even aiding them in designing policies that address these issues.

Large data gaps exist everywhere, especially within the policy-making sphere. By harnessing AI technologies, policymakers can close the data gaps that impede effective and data-driven decision-making. It is crucial that we equip political decision-makers with the right data and, in turn, that those decision-makers use that information to formulate the most comprehensive and inclusive policies.

Constituent Voices and Representative Policymaking

Voters can also benefit tremendously from AI advances. The convergence of big data processing tools and social media has created significant opportunities for not only political campaigning but political decision-making and policy formation. This combination not only helps voters make informed decisions but can translate into effective and representative policymaking by their representatives. AI also bridges the gap between politicians and their constituents, increasing the quantity and quality of interactions between political leadership and the public.

Additionally, AI tools can play a larger role in extracting data from media, press, and blog content-allowing political leaders to better understand the implications of their decisions on greater policy creation. 

With the constant stream of information and the ability to synthesize, filter, and analyze massive amounts of information, AI allows politicians to not only listen to the voices of their constituents but adapt to the continuously changing policy environment. These technologies will bring a transparent and accountable system that can be programmed to detect any kind of inefficiencies within the governance process. 

The Future of Politics

AI-powered tools are bringing forth a new age of politics. As we move farther from the pandemic and into the future, the true power of AI must be not only understood but effectively utilized by political decision-makers at all levels. A cohesive relationship between AI-powered tools and political leaders will drive data-driven comprehensive decisions that represent constituents and communities alike. This is not far from our reach.

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