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Real-Life Challenges and Real-Time Solutions from Turbine Labs

Sophia Scearce May 3, 2021
Reading Time: 4 minutes
Automated services, artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to evolve and find new ways to help us to make our lives easier while saving time and money. Artificial intelligence is no longer something accessible only to the rich, nor is it something that only lives in the fantastical setting of a science fiction trope. Today, professionals from all fields can harness the power of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to help them do their jobs better. These technologies are not meant to replace traditional roles or jobs, but instead enhance them and dig deeper.

Turbine Labs has helped a variety of industries and roles; not limited to human resources, engineering, strategy, marketing and executive management, in a way that enriches and proves its ROI many times over. Imagine the following four scenarios to find out how these technologies and solutions may reflect some real-life challenges:

Finding the true sentiment of an omnichannel campaign

Problem Scenario: 
A large tele-communications firm recently released a large omnichannel multi-month campaign in an effort to increase their brand awareness and thought leadership. The executive team wants to find out a holistic data story of how consumers perceive the brand before and after the campaign.

Solution: Sure, stats and metrics are helpful in their own way, but the idea of “impact” and “consumer sentiment” is an entirely different animal. For example, in this digital age of viral posts and influencers, social media can be a brand’s best friend or worst enemy. For example, an influencer could tweet damaging things about a brand that could go viral, and because the platform might not be something the brand monitors, the tweet could totally be missed. Or, if a brand was monitoring a specific story about  reducing its carbon footprint and a story from a small publication was written about it, that article could be missed if the team was only monitoring large publications. However, stories from small publications can also have a major impact on a company. Turbine Labs will amass all of these platforms and data points together and give an accurate story of sentiment throughout the campaign. This is especially important when an organization is keeping track of a mission critical point or crisis.

Saving time and money when both are limited

Problem Scenario:
Due to Covid-19, a large B2C retail company recently cut some of their communications costs that included letting some staff go and putting a hiring freeze on until further notice. Like many companies around the world, professionals in this scenario face a variety of challenges they must prepare for, all while balancing an increasing workload. This means that the remaining team needs to find efficiencies as well as heighten their output to make their work meaningful and measurable. How can the communications team at this large B2C retail save both time and money while still having a favorable output?

Solution: In the wake of the pandemic, many companies face hiring freezes or team cuts while their workload stays the same, and as much as someone may love their job, working 60- 80 or more hours a week is not ideal. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, Turbine Labs’ platform reads 54,000 times faster than the average human reader, meaning that time a team would have spent conducting research or finding important information is cut down severely. Turbine Labs’ team of data journalists also delivers actionable insights in a format appropriate for presentation to a team. Saving time on things like research enables the core team to work more efficiently on promotions and marketing efforts that will grow the company.

Sales enablement and assistance

Problem Scenario:
After a successful Q1, a manufacturer specializing in a niche product is experiencing a dry pipeline and is concerned about the upcoming Q2. Due to their niche target market, it can be difficult to find leads and traditional methods of sales research don’t typically pan out.

Solution: Clearing a sales pipeline is a blessing and a curse. Everyone rejoices for closed sales, but a dry pipeline in a niche market can be a major issue. In niche markets, things like bulk eblasts to general cold lists may not be a great way to track down sales. This is where sales enablement can be vital and invaluable. Like researching any other topic or crisis, Turbine Labs can help teams track down market opportunities, industry news and competitor research to uncover sales opportunities that may have not been at a surface level. Turbine Labs can also help sales teams prepare for client meetings and sales presentations with analysis and briefings that will result in a more knowledge-driven sales meeting. Potential clients prefer to speak with a sales professional who is prepared, knowledgeable and insightful.

Finding the most impactful data and information

Problem Scenario:
An HR team at a large B2B company specializing in health and safety is concerned about staying ahead of the pandemic news while their workforce comes back into the office.

Solution: While there is no shortage of “breaking news” about the pandemic, nor opinion pieces about how to re-emerge after the pandemic, a lot of news can be classified as noise that has little-to-no impact on daily life.  Executives and HR professionals who need to keep their employees informed and safe need the best analysis possible on any impactful breaking news.  Here at Turbine Labs, we took that call to action personally and we’ve now been producing the Covid Leader Daily Briefing for over a year.  As we start to re-emerge from the pandemic, our insights will help leaders navigate and plot a course for their future.  We offer this briefing free to anyone who wants to sign up, and it takes less than 5 minutes a day to consume.  Aside from the Leadership Daily Briefing, Turbine Labs produces custom briefings that can cover any topic desired. That’s an impactful way to start the day!

These scenarios are all too common nowadays for many organizations, professionals and industries. If you personally identify with any of these problems, take just 15 minutes out of your day and find out how Turbine Labs can help you solve them! Schedule an assessment today!