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Sifting Through the Noise: The Critical Importance of Executive Intelligence

turbinelabs December 21, 2020
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Recently, Leigh Fatzinger, CEO of Turbine Labs made a guest appearance on In House Warrior, a podcast hosted by Richard Levick that focuses on crisis communications and courageous leadership. Fatzinger has spoken on the subject of leadership, especially during times of crisis, many times on Turbine Labs’ weekly webinar, Tuesdays with Turbine.

The episode, entitled “Finding the Needle in the Haystack,” features a discussion about the critical importance of advanced intelligence in today’s modern age of “big data.” Turbine Labs is the perfect resource to speak on such topics because of its AI-software platform that is designed to provide insights and critical event detection for C-Suite audiences. Turbine Labs has been at the forefront of executive intelligence for the past 7 years and is only growing.

“We take all of that public information that’s out there; whether it’s news data, social media data forms, blogs, congressional testimonials, you name it… and we map it to questions and requests that senior-level Executives and politicians have and synthesize all the external information, map to that question and deliver it so there’s a new news format in nearly real-time we do that through the use of natural language processing and machine learning,” Fatzinger said.   

For those new to the idea, Natural Language Processing (NLP), is an application of artificial intelligence, which in part enables the analysis of large amounts of information and data.  Turbine Labs uses NLP to understand and answer questions that C-Suite executives and policymakers may have about key corporate decisions, crisis events, breaking news, corporate earnings, and other impactful events saving organizations time and money.  

Host, Levick who specializes in crisis communications services sings the praises of Turbine Labs and adds, “I’ve always described your services as human intelligence over big data with the ability to look at all these data points…and say, ‘here’s what you need to know, here patterns, here’s what’s a rising around the next corner, here are risks that you need to be concerned about that you may have thought about but not deeply enough or may not have thought about it all.’”  

In communications, risk and crisis management is a huge issue, and knowing what is coming around the corner could be a make or break deal.  “We spend a lot of time discussing and advising senior-level Executives how a single 280-character tweet can become a front-page New York Times story,” Fatzinger mentions on the impact of virality and social media on a business. Turbine Labs looks at all aspects of communications intelligence by monitoring impactful posts, as well as synthesizing large amounts of data.

When synthesizing the use of human intelligence and AI-powered insights, it brings the best of both worlds together. “It confirms suspicions, it shows you patterns that identify early risk, it tells you here is who is communicating about this and it may not be very many people but they’re high influence and you better watch… (and these) are the kinds of things that separate the mistakes from brilliance,” Levick says of Turbine Labs’ attention to detail.

Turbine Labs can work with all industries and professions including lobbyists, politicians, communications professionals, C-Suite executives, and business owners to advise and strategize a communications strategy after analyzing large amounts of data, synthesizing it, and pointing out insights in order to create a solid and impactful communications strategy.  

Richard Levick calls Turbine Labs “remarkably helpful” and gives a great testimonial by remembering a past client that Turbine Labs had helped with, “Your team’s ability to go through, I believe it was close to 66,000 articles over a long weekend and be able to make sense of it show Trends and from that be able to articulate a communication strategy.”

For those worried that Turbine Labs and AI-technology goes without a human touch, Turbine Labs delivers human caliber context at machine caliber speed. “(We) make sure that the data quality and the accuracy is there because there’s just so much noise and so much misinformation out in the market that in order to get intelligence and insights that actually is believable you need some of this technology to make it happen,” Fatzinger says.  

Fatzinger brought up that adage that many in communications quote, which is that data is the new oil, but challenges it by saying that, unlike valuable oil, data is everywhere.  The real value that Turbine Labs provides is the synthesis that the human-validated, AI-powered technology provides.  

The full episode can be found on Stitcher.  For other media clips and Leigh Fatzinger discussing the importance of finding accurate intelligence in a world full of noise, find them here