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Top brands and themes covered in earned media and social conversation around the Consumer Electronic Show 2021

Jesse Riendeau February 8, 2021
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Turbine Labs AI-powered platform surfaced and ingested over 42,000 earned media articles related to the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which took place virtually Jan 11-14, 2021. Amplifying this coverage was 189,000 social posts, contributing over 749,000 social engagements published by over 68,000 unique contributors. The media coverage and social content were then filtered and analyzed by our proprietary machine learning technology, and validated by human journalists for accuracy. Our study concluded that within this high volume of coverage, only 7.1% (~3,000 articles) was impactful to the brands and topics covered in the analysis.                                     OVERALL FINDINGS From Impactful media coverage surrounding CES, and in tandem with human validation, was able to identify the following insights:

  • The top 3 brands (Intel, LG, Samsung) drove 47% of the Impactful mentions within the top 10 brands. [See chart below] 
  • Razer, a relatively small brand, broke into the top 10 by launching the world’s first smart mask at CES 2021.
  • Vehicle Technology, Gaming, Smartphone, Artificial Intelligence, Laptops, Masks, and Robotics emerged as the most prominent themes amongst the CES coverage. [See chart below] 
  • Similar to the media volume, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and Gaming emerged as the top themes discussed in the Twitter volume.


  • 17% of the total volume of Impactful CES articles were driven by vehicle technology-focused coverage.
    • Within the vehicle volume, 25% mentioned General Motors flying and self-driving electric Cadillac.
    • The article with the highest Turbine Impact score was authored by Road Show regarding the Cadillac eVTOL air taxi. It generated over 39K social engagements.
    • 19% covered electric cars including GM, BMW, and Chevrolet.
    • 10% mentioned vans – GM also announced a new electric delivery van.
  • 11% of the total volume of Impactful CES articles were driven by gaming-focused coverage. 
    • Within the gaming volume, 67% mentioned the PlayStation 5. Sony announced game release dates during their stream.
    • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) released a new generation of mobile and desktop gaming chips called the Ryzen 5000 Zen 3 series.
    • The remaining articles detailed gaming laptops and monitors announced during CES.
  • 9% of the total volume of Impactful CES articles were driven by smartphones focused coverage.
    • Within the gaming volume, 28% mentioned rollable smartphones. LG teased a rollable smartphone and TCL showed a concept of a 6.7-inch rollable screen. 
    • Samsung announced an initiative to turn old phones into useful smart homes.
  • 9% of the total volume of Impactful CES articles were driven by AI-focused coverage.
    • LG announced a number of AI-based home products including sanitizing robots, a self-cleaning water dispenser, and wearable and portable air purifiers.
    • Multiple announcements including AI hearing aids, AI-powered noise cancelation, and 3D printing generated impactful articles.


  • 18% of the total CES social volume was driven by Artificial Intelligence.
    • This topic generated the most conversation due to the use of #AI and Tweets about the key takeaways of #CES2021.
    • Within the AI volume, 18% mentioned robots including Samsung’s JetBot 90 AI+ robot vacuum.
    • 11% mentioned 5G technology within many topics including robots, electric cars, and 3D printing.
  • 6% of the total CES social volume was driven by a conversation regarding robots.
    • Within the robot volume, 14% mentioned Samsung. They announced Bot Handy, a home robot that can pour a glass of wine and load the dishwasher, and the JetBot 90 AI+ robotic vacuum.
  • 6% of the total CES social volume was driven by gaming technology.
    • Within the gaming volume, 23% mentioned the PlayStation 5.
    • 8% mentioned gaming laptops including laptops made by Lenovo, Razer, and Asus.
    • 7% mentioned gaming chairs – mainly the Project Brooklyn ergonomic chair by Razer.
    • 2% mentioned gaming monitors or TVs.


  • Earned Media Quality Index (EMQi): Turbine Labs patent-pending tool that scores and visualizes earned media according to its Relevance, Authority, and Sentiment.
  • Turbine Relevance: the measurement of how relevant an article is to a brand name, or product, or other keywords (what we call the “Target Entity”). The “Relevance” score incorporates the quantity of Target Entity mentions within an article, where these mentions occur within the article, the amount of text associated with the mention, and whether or not the entity appears in the title or headline.
  • Turbine Authority: the measurement of the potential interest an article has to the public. The “Authority” score is a composite, derived from a proprietary algorithm that includes social shares, website authority on the internet, and backlinks to the article from other sources. 
  • Impactful article: utilizing the two scores above as the foundation, “Impact” defines the level of importance and significance the article has in context to the related articles. If an article is scored as Impactful, this means the article has met the required threshold at the strong overlap of the Relevance and Authority measurements. The levels of Impact (High, Medium, and Low) imply the relative importance of the top articles when compared to each other. Not all articles are denoted as Impactful, but those that do gain this label are then scrutinized into the three levels.

Turbine Labs has created a tool, the Earned Media Quality Index (EMQi), to consume news content that is relevant and impactful by filtering and classifying data. Unlike simple media monitoring, we are able to provide insight into the metrics that are truly impactful to the brands and topics covered during CES 2021. The EMQi ingested over 42,000 earned media articles regarding CES, and through the process of determining relevance and authority, we found 7% of this coverage is truly impactful. Executives do not have time to read 42,000 articles in order to make informed decisions for their business – so the EMQi from Turbine Labs does the work for you.

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