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Turbine Labs Featured on the Darius Gant Show

Paige Johnson April 13, 2022
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Google is the king of search, but is it always the right platform? Our CEO and Founder, Leigh Fatzinger, joined Darius Gant on the Darius Gant Show to discuss the business solutions AI can enable.

How can executives solve business problems with AI? By focusing on the problem, not getting caught up in the intricacies of artificial intelligence and its use cases.

“The executives I talk to will say, ‘I have no time to find information, it’s too hard to find it, it’s too hard to find relevant content. And I don’t trust the information that I’m getting.’ That is a business problem, I didn’t mention AI anywhere in that… What I would tell business leaders is, don’t think about AI from the starting point of AI as a direction we need to go. Start with, ‘I have a business problem to solve, what technologies are going to help me solve it?’ Business problems still need to get solved and a lot of them are gonna get solved without AI.” – Leigh Fatzinger, CEO & Founder, Turbine Labs 

Leaders are challenged with making the best decisions they can, on imperfect information. Most decision-makers turn to traditional, almost programmatic methods, of finding news that is relevant to them. But what happens when a single impactful article at a small niche publication begins building steam and starts impacting your brand reputation? Google news would miss this. Through AI and dashboards that place news in context, leaders can make better decisions for themselves and their companies.

“There’s a large problem right now with executives saying, ‘Do I have all of the information that I need to make a decision on this?’ and almost always the answer is no. Executives are trained through experience and business school to adapt to making decisions without a complete picture, but it is always better to have more information that’s accurate and filtered than less.”

The interview also covers the origination of Turbine Labs, our evolution from cutting and pasting to sending over 2 million briefings annually. Listen to the full podcast now on Spotify