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Earned Media Quality Index (EMQi): What it is and why your brand needs it.

turbinelabs January 27, 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

What is Turbine Labs’ EMQi?
Today, executives live in a world flooded with information coming from every direction. Every day we are essentially drowning in data needed to make crucial business decisions. How can one know what matters in order to make informed decisions when being exposed to such a vast volume of data, misinformation, and bias?

The answer is simple. A tool to consume news content that is relevant and impactful by filtering and classifying data that matters – the Earned Media Quality Index (EMQi) from Turbine Labs. 

What is the information crisis?
In 2021, the average person around the world spends 7.5 hours a day consuming media. We are being exposed to more media than ever before – how can we know what is truthful and accurate? This is especially crucial for executives. In a time of crisis, businesses need the ability to make informed decisions, but where to turn for accurate earned media is blurrier than ever before. Decision-makers are faced with the task of sifting through lots of information in order to lead their teams. 

This information crisis is creating more challenges for leaders who don’t have the time to be sifting through the media. Now with the frictionless Earned Media Quality Index (EMQi) from Turbine Labs, executives are able to use one simple platform to do the work for them.

How does EMQi work?
The EMQi scores and visualizes earned media according to its Relevance, Authority, and Sentiment. The output of the EMQi comes in the visualization below where media volume is classified into Impact labels that guide executives in identifying the media coverage that is driving conversation and gaining momentum. The algorithm for how the media volume is sorted into the Impact levels is determined by three components of the EMQi; Relevance, Authority, and Sentiment.

  • Relevance is the measurement of how relevant an article is to a target entity (usually a Brand name or product). The relevance score incorporates entity mentions, where mentions occur in an article, the amount of text, and whether or not the entity appears in the title.
  • Authority is the measurement of how significant an article is to the public. The authority score is derived from social shares, website authority, backlinks, and any custom publication lists.
  • Sentiment is the measure of an article’s tone in the context of the target entity. Sentiment is scored on a scale from -1.000 to +1.000 whether it is Positive, Neutral, or Negative for the brand. 
  • Impact levels include Zero, Low, Medium, and High Impact. The thresholds for each Impact are as follows; Zero: below +0.320 Relevance and +0.350 Authority, Low: above +.320 Relevance and +0.350 Authority, Medium: above +0.500 Relevance and +0.500 Authority, High: above +0.800 Relevance and +0.800 Authority. 

Once all of this data is processed, each piece of media is given one final metric, the Turbine EMQi score. This score is an assessment of brand reputation health based on the aggregate product of each media article’s Relevance, Authority, and Sentiment. With this metric executives are able to determine which earned media articles are truly important to their business.

Why is EMQi the solution?
The Earned Media Quality Index (EMQi) from Turbine Labs is the solution for executives who are affected by the information crisis we are facing. In a world where we are drowning in data that may contain too much junk or bias – it is crucial to find what media truly matters to make informed business decisions. 

Turbine Lab’s AI-powered platform “reads” data 54,000 times faster than a human. That’s right, 54,000 times faster so leaders can focus on what is most important for their team. Through Relevance, Authority, and Sentiment, the EMQi is the answer to stay afloat in a world drowning in data and information overload. With the EMQi, executives are able to visualize and conceptualize the pieces of media coverage that truly matter. As the volume of media we are exposed to daily only continues to increase, the EMQi is the solution for less noise, better decisions, and better outcomes.

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