We call it Curated Multicast Content Routing. It's the platform where opportunity is formed from data. And where context becomes a strategic and competitive advantage.


Tame the Firehose of Data

Analysts often spend as much as 25% of their time dealing with huge, noisy data streams. The Turbine collects, filters, and classifies data from many disparate sources. Streams of valuable content are aligned to topics, events, and crises, allowing for the extraction of clear, actionable insights and signals. Faster than ever before.


Re-Imagine 'Time to Informed Decisions'

The amount of time executives have to make key decisions is shrinking. 42% of executives say they have less than 24 hours to collect data, weigh alternatives, and choose a course of action. The Turbine delivers actionable intelligence quickly, giving executives time to pause, process, and proceed. 


Expect Context and Insights

Point-and-click, self-service analytics tools lack in two critical areas: context and decision-grade insights. The Turbine leverages machine learning and advanced algorithms with human analysis and curation to ensure the perfect mix of numbers and narrative. 


Keep The Attention

75% of executives tune out presentations in less than one minute, and emails after 30 seconds, simply because the content did not get to the point quickly enough. All of Turbine’s products are designed to deliver insights and context within 25 seconds of receipt.