How Does Turbine Labs Work?

The Turbine Labs Knowledge OS™ is simple, yet highly intelligent. Ask questions or make requests in your own natural language. No complex queries to learn or software to install. Intelligence and insights are delivered in easy-to-understand formats in near real-time.



Data is collected from millions of sources.

When a question or request is received, Turbine Labs ingests data from millions of news and broadcast sites, blogs, forms, social networks, image and video sites and other websites.


AI filters, classifies, and enriches the data.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), data is “read” from the perspective of a human to find the most relevant, impactful, and authoritative information as it relates to the question or request. Irrelevant and inaccurate data is removed.


Context is validated and insights applied.

To ensure every output has the highest high-quality intelligence and insights, human Data Journalists monitor and validate the output for context and accuracy. This effort has the added benefit of providing continual training data for the NLP and AI platform.


Results are delivered in easy to consume formats.

Output is delivered in email or text message to anywhere between 1 and 10,000 recipients in easy-to-read, easy-to-understand formats. API access to enriched data is also available.



See How Turbine Labs Impacts Executive Decision Making

Schedule a free demo of Turbine Labs today. You’ll learn how a Fortune 50 used Turbine Labs to inform senior executives about its Super Bowl advertising and messaging strategy - in real-time, during the big game. And how a Fortune 500 used Turbine Labs to deliver continuous intelligence to executives throughout a multi-month antitrust litigation process.