Answers for All Occasions


The right information, delivered at the right time, presented in the right format. Discover how Turbine Labs leverages machine intelligence and human analysis to help executives and managers make more informed decisions. Faster. 


Turbine Segment

Hyper-curated intelligence briefings on any topic, event, or crisis. All context. No noise.

Turbine Digest

Data-driven headlines and news summaries, curated daily for groups from 15 to 15,000+.  

Turbine Tabs

Peace-of-mind updates on any topic. Delivered via email twice per day.

Turbine Cue

The data needle in the haystack. Delivered via SMS directly to your smartphone. 


Business Drivers


The key drivers to effective decision making - the right information and the right amount of time - are at odds in today's environment. Consider: 


Information Overload

55,000 gigabytes of new data is created every second. Instead of enabling better decisions, data without context or container can have a paralyzing effect. 

Shortened Attention Spans

Executive attention is more fragmented than ever before. In fact, 75% of executives tune out presentations within 60 seconds. And email within 30 seconds.

Condensed Decision Cycles

42% of executives say they have less than 24 hours to make key decisions. And 64% of business leaders have seen time allowed for decision making shrink in the last 12 months. 

Performance Incentives

Brands that optimize data-driven decision making outperform their peers. 11% higher profits. 6% higher output and productivity. And twice as likely to have a culture of innovation. 



 Key Differentiators

Curated Multicast Content Routing. Never heard of it? Read on. 

The Turbine is a Curated Multicast Content Routing (CMCR) platform. It's based on the premise that data mentioning your brand, market, competitors, and employees is noisy, sometimes irrelevant, and often difficult to manage and format into something useful. It assumes, at any given time, that not all data is useful for everyone within an organization. And, most importantly, that decisions are often made with incomplete, inaccurate, or biased data. The Turbine ingests, filters, and classifies data into a relevant state. It then routes enriched information to the right audience, in the right format, at the right time.


Data Diversity

  • The Turbine ingests, filters, and classifies large volumes of unstructured data from multiple sources to deliver the most comprehensive, unbiased, accurate view of any topic, event, crisis, or launch. 

  • External Data Includes: Digital and Print News Sites, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, StockTwits, Blogs, Forums, YouTube, Review Sites, Broadcast Video, Radio, Message Boards, and more. 
  • Internal Data Includes: Internal Blogs, Internal Videos Internal Employee Review and Comment sites, Internal, and External Web Analytics 


In Context

  • Executives ask direct questions. Unfortunately, receiving direct answers from todays data and insights platforms is often challenging. The Turbine gives direct answers in return, optimizing the time spent on making important decisions for your brand. 
  • The Turbine uses powerful algorithms extract value from filtered and classified data, enabling analysts to uncover the topic narrative, and deliver decision-grade insights in a short amount of time.  



  • Results are delivered in a format compatible with how 75% of executives prefer to receive information: via email, on a mobile device, or on a tablet. 
  • Streaming, data-gouged dashboards and tools miss one key reality that every Turbine product is designed for: effective decisions are made when executives have time to synthesize information from multiple sources, reflect on the implications, apply judgement, and arrive at a conclusion.  


Cost Efficiency 

  • Brands using The Turbine have realized savings of greater than 65% compared to DIY or agency reporting and insights solutions. 


Blazing Speed

  • In-depth briefings, such as Segments, are delivered in as little as two hours. For other products, like Cue, delivery occurs in real-time.