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Timely, Trusted, and Transparent Information

Giving business leaders the information they need, when and where they need it.


Gain immediate knowledge of mission-critical news about your brand

Tired of the continuous "doomscrolling" and brand monitoring required to keep up with your organization in the news? Cue gives business leaders and executives real-time updates on any news pertaining to their brand. 

Rather than subscribing to dozens of news outlets and spending hours each day just trying to stay on top of potential news, executives can sign up to receive texts or Slack messages alerting them of new content posted about their organization online. Eliminate the useless scrolling and gain peace of mind while giving your team precious hours back in their day.

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Receive quality, unbiased news briefings on your preferred cadence

What if you could receive unbiased, industry-specific content customized to the needs of your organization on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence? 

Digest makes it possible. Mid-level business leaders can now keep track of product launches, crisis updates, or topics important to growth strategy and brief C-suite members on the most important news. Save time, eliminate blind spots, and increase visibility with neutral news insights delivered on your preferred cadence. 

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Obtain actionable 360 degree view on executive insights 

Part automation, part human, complete insight. Segment combines the speed and efficiency of AI with the expertise of human intelligence to deliver up-to-date insights into vital topics and industry landscape. 

From weekly or bi-weekly overviews of competitors to one-off crisis management, you can gain insight into the news that matters. Our technology identifies the most reputable, impactful news pieces based on your industry and customized preferences. We take the time to write high-level overviews to give you the most important information while also providing full article links that your team can dive into deeper.


Make your thought-leadership content visible

You have industry expertise that people need to see, and we have the technology to help them see it. 

Our Thought Leadership Briefings validate your thought-leadership content by promoting it to various audiences along with supplementary articles that prove you and your organization’s expertise. What’s more, we will provide analytics on readership, clicks, and shares so you can know if your pieces of content are landing with the audience. Gain social proof, improve your brand reputation, and become a true thought leader in your industry with Turbine Labs. 


Drive business decisions with customized reports

When you need analytics and reports outside of the data tracked through structured products, our team is ready. From quarterly analysis of validated media coverage to year-over-year sentiment ratings in comparison to top competitors, we take the time to customize reports that can be used to drive key business decisions.


Create your tailored solutions today

Want to experience the power that Turbine Labs can add to your organization?