Meet the World’s Most Voracious Reader

The Turbine Labs Knowledge OS™ was designed specifically for executives, communicators, and marketers. Our patent-pending software leverages AI and NLP (natural language processing) to deliver continuous, unbiased, timely intelligence.

The result? Measurable improvement in decision confidence, quality, and speed; crisper market visibility; and reduced risk. Other differentiators include:



Earned Media Quality Index™ (EMQi)

The Turbine Labs AI ingests full text of every available media object related to a topic requested by a subscriber, and then ‘reads’ the content from the perspective of a human reader in real-time. Media is scored for relevancy, authority, and sentiment using a number of proprietary algorithms, delivering far more context and accuracy than ever before possible.. The output of this AI/NLP data processing becomes the basis for every Turbine Labs output.


Data Ingestion, Classification, and Storage


The Turbine Labs Knowledge OS™ functions as the core repository for every question, request and query generated by an organization, as well as the entire catalog of data, intelligence, and insights associated with the output delivered. In addition, our relevancy and sentiment models are the result of over four years of AI training, whereby humans manually read, classified, and scored over 18 million unique media objects, one of the largest training sets ever developed for an executive intelligence use case.

Multicast Content Routing


A key component of the patent-pending Turbine Labs platform ensures the right insights and intelligence are delivered to executives and their support teams at the right time, in the right format. A topic request may contain thousands or hundreds of thousands of media objects and posts, far more than any human could conceivably read and comprehend. Turbine Labs can contextualize and route insights down to the single mention level, and in the same moment produce an easy-to-digest executive overview based off a massive influx of media objects. To our subscriber, the output is customized but familiar, comprehensive but concise.