Turbine Cue

The Data Needle in the Haystack. Delivered in Real-Time via SMS. 


Instant Awareness on Key Topics, Media Outlets, Journalists, and Influencers.

In today’s hyper-fast world, good news - and bad news - travels faster than ever before. Organizations are frequently caught off guard by the velocity at which a single news article - or Tweet - can become a brand impacting event. Turbine Cue is designed to dramatically improve time-to-awareness and time-to-action through instant delivery of critical content.

The Only Real-Time Notification Service to Leverage Human Curation. 

Without proper context, mobile notifications can quickly become distractions. At the executive level, distractions must be minimized. Cue combines machine learning and human curation to ensure only the most relevant mentions are presented to executives. Cue can monitor complex topics or single mentions from any topic, author, influencer, or media source, generating a notification only when pre-defined thresholds are met. Less noise. More action. 

No Apps to Install. Cue Works on any Smartphone. 

Distribution groups can be as few as one and as many as 1,000. Turbine Labs manages topic configuration and group maintenance, so executives can focus on strategy and decision making. 


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