Turbine Tabs

Peace of Mind. Delivered Twice a Day. 


Topic Monitoring for People Who Have More Important Things to Do.

“Has the media picked this up yet?” “Let me know if this blows up on Twitter.” “Has our competitor released their announcement yet?” Getting answers to these common questions used to require time, various software tools and platforms, and human effort to filter out noise. Until now. 

Turbine Tabs delivers a concise summary of the most viral media stories and social media posts on any temporary topic so executives can stay informed while maintaining focus.  

Comprehensive Insurance Against Unexpected Surprises. 

Tabs continually scans millions of sources and mentions on any topic for key mentions from media, consumers, influencers or competitors. Each Tabs report includes the three most viral media stories, story summaries and key comments, as well the five most viral or impactful social media mentions. If the topic reaches a certain threshold, a recommendation to produce a more in-dept Segment may be offered. 

Predictable Delivery. Even When it’s All Clear. 

Tabs are delivered twice per day, at noon and 5pm local time. If no applicable content is present, recipients simply receive a message that states “All Clear”.


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