Why Turbine Labs?

The gap between the information execs and teams say they need—and what they’re actually receiving—hasn’t changed in over a decade. Insights take too long. Data is not actionable. Software and dashboards are so complex, their use is limited to specialists, not decision makers.

Much like a turbine converts matter into something useful, Turbine Labs combines the scale and speed of AI with human validation to transform information and data chaos into meaningful intelligence.

There is simply no faster, more efficient way for executives and teams to get up to speed and on the same page.


Frictionless Access

You need direct answers—not more tools and software. That’s why we built Turbine Labs from the ground up for the unique needs of leaders and their support teams. To initiate a request, simply ask a question or make a request in everyday, natural language. There’s no complex software to install, applications to learn, or confusing dashboards to decipher.


Abundant, Clean Data

Our patent pending, AI-powered platform collects news stories, social media platforms, and other digital content from hundreds of thousands of public and premium sources. It then “reads” and analyzes data from a human perspective, so decisions are based on relevant, impactful intelligence, rather than on noise and distractions.


Incredible Speed

The Turbine Labs AI reads 48,000 times faster than the average human. Which means that while everyone else is manually sifting through data, you’re making informed decisions. In fact, most Turbine Labs output is delivered within three hours, which includes human expert validation.


Inherent Collaboration

Most software platforms limit the number of users who can access output, leading to information silos and misalignment. Turbine Labs believes that better decision comes when teams are “playing from the same sheet of music”, which is why we don’t limit the number of users who can make requests or access output.


Better Sources. Better Insights.


As critical decisions are rarely made on an island, the data used to make them shouldn’t be either. Turbine Labs is “source agnostic” ensuring our subscribers have access to the most complete, accurate view of any topic, event, or crisis, Our software ingests, filters, de-dupes, and enriches from hundreds of thousands of public and premium news, social media, broadcast, regulatory and financial sources.

Turbine Labs does the legwork to get the broadest, most relevant data, because we believe your decisions deserve the best intelligence. 


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