It’s Not How Much Data You Have.
It’s What You Do With It That Matters.

Executives, marketers, and communicators are demanding faster, more contextual intelligence to better under understand topics, events, crises and opportunities. And yet, organizations still struggle to translate data into better decision making. Here’s why:



Too Much Data.


IBM estimates that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years. Most software, platforms and processes are simply ill-equipped to solve complex information discovery and intelligence requirements organizational leaders have today.


Lack of Context.


With an endless stream of reports, dashboards, emails, and alerts organizational leaders are expected to consume on a daily basis, context can easily be lost. Often, information delivered to leaders doesn’t map exactly to their original request, is oversimplified, or lacks appropriate actionable insights.

Poor Data Reliability.


According to a KPMG survey of over 2,000 organizational leaders, just one third trust the analytics generated out of their business operations. And a 2019 PWC survey of global CEOs showed that 50% blame poor data reliability as a key reason the information they receive can’t be trusted.


Not Enough Time.


Leaders are frequently caught off guard by the ephemeral nature of brand, competitor and reputation-impacting news, events, and crises. Seemingly small events can become full blown crises (or opportunities) in minutes, and vanish just as quickly. More and more, critical decisions are required in critically less time.



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