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6 Habits of High Achievers

Sophia Scearce June 15, 2021
Reading Time: 3 minutes

We all remember the straight-A students in school who were club presidents in addition to all-star athletes.  We’ve been around the star co-worker who always arrives to meetings prepared and with innovative revenue-generating ideas.  We may envy the rockstar parent who always makes aesthetically pleasing lunches for their children and arrives at every function on time and in the front row. 

We’ve met them.  We may be them.  They are high-achievers.

High achievers often become wildly successful millionaires and/or executives with a deep desire to succeed and build their lives up as high as they can be, because something about their personality makes them that way. True, not all high-achievers are millionaires or executives, and that’s OK, but the similarities exist. Some high achievers may have picked up good habits along the way. Either way, high achieving individuals have a few core characteristics in common, that anyone can pick up: 


1) Forward Thinking

The last 18 months have been a great example of how predictions, no matter how insightful, might not always be correct, but that doesn’t mean that paying attention to trends is not important.  There are talking heads every day online and on TV estimating market trends, housing trends and the next big thing (whatever that is) that will impact us all. High achievers hear all of this information too, and they choose to zero in on the most important and impactful trends.  The rise of AI-technology allows for trend-followers to take their educated guesses and insights to the next level and it helps executives understand what they should pay attention to.


2) Aware

Awareness and insights are severely underrated. There is no shortage of information, but it’s not all equally important and oftentimes information is just noise while important things get overlooked. Most successful executives and high achievers keep important stats and data in their heads at all times. Anything from the balance of their bank accounts, the latest conversion rate of their revenue-generating efforts or the phone number or their largest client. Awareness is also being able to understand how news might impact them or their business. Having the right insights at the right time is critical, and something that Turbine Labs helps executives do every day.


3) Consistent

Consistency trains your brain and body to perform at optimal times and allows more capacity and effort for time management and better ideas. Many successful people record their daily activities in blogs or vlogs, as they often have a tight schedule that may include early morning running, specific times to eat and allotted times to put their heads down and work.  The early morning running may not necessarily be about the love of waking up early, but instead about keeping a consistent schedule.


4) Informed

How does one make an educated guess and predict insights that actually come true? Being armed with knowledge and always willing to learn is the best way to do this. The average executive reads up to 60 books a year on a variety of topics to keep up with trends and important information.  Industry newsletters, podcasts and classes are also good resources to use in order to keep up with important topics and breaking news.


5) Innovative

High achievers are not afraid to propose new ideas or push the envelope on the status quo.  Many may be early adopters of market trends that they bring to their team in a new and interesting way. Innovation comes from wanting to solve a known problem in a new way and high achievers excel in this challenge.


6) Supported

High achievers may seem like they have an endless supply of energy and ideas but everyone needs assistance and support sometimes.  The most successful people, especially in positions of leadership, have teams of people around them to support them, advise them and share ideas with.


If you’re looking to arm yourself with the best information possible, let Turbine Labs and our team of specialists be your latest and greatest resource. In a 15 minute demo with our team, we can identify what you need to take your business to the next level. Schedule time with us now