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New Reuters Partnership Paves The Way For More Efficient News Consumption

turbinelabs July 23, 2020
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The way we consume news has dramatically changed in recent decades, but no more apparent change than this year as hourly updates become available at the touch of a finger. Finding and accessing the most relevant news content for critical decision making has become an increasingly arduous, time-consuming, and inefficient task for quite some time now.

This week, in a continued effort to transform and evolve the current news model Turbine Labs announced a content license and display-rights partnership with Thomson Reuters, the world’s largest multimedia news provider. With this new partnership, Turbine Labs customers will now be able to access and consume full-text and images of Reuters news directly within the proprietary Turbine Labs platform. The agreement seeks to solve three long-standing areas of discontent for critical decision-makers who need up-to-date news at a moment’s notice:

  • Access to premium content is too inconvenient. Accurate, in-context information is critical to informed planning and decision making, but too many passwords and hidden premium content can be infuriatingly slow. By providing access to premium content will enable our customers to be smarter and faster than their competition.
  • News content has too many interruptions. Turbine Labs presents high-quality journalism without ads, pop-ups, or page takeovers, enabling executives and decision-makers to get the information they need quickly and without distraction.
  • Improving workflow efficiency within organizations. This partnership empowers teams to drive greater qualified intelligence to the top of the funnel by removing the “noise” and distractions which in return streamlines work efficiency and ultimately saves time and money spent impacting the bottom line.

“As one of the most well-respected news gathering and distribution organizations in the world, we are honored to integrate Reuters incredible journalism into the Turbine Labs platform,” said Leigh Fatzinger, Founder, and CEO of Turbine Labs. “Through our patent-pending impact scoring and routing technologies, we are able to deliver highly relevant Reuters content directly to our subscribers at the precise moment they need it to make higher quality decisions,” he said.

“This new partnership will give even more customers access to Reuters trusted, impartial information and help them make smart business decisions,” said Eric Danetz, Head of Revenue, Reuters. “I’m delighted that Reuters text and images will now help power Turbine Labs’ AI technology platform, offering their clients time-critical and market-leading information.”

With the addition of Reuters content, Turbine Labs subscribers and customers will now have seamless, ad-free access to over 5,300 premium and paywall content sources with a single login, under a simple, cost-effective fee structure. This agreement will solve inefficiencies that executives often have with paywall and premium content access. Also, Turbine Lab’s Premium Content plan will ensure that journalists are paid fairly for their work by helping local and global news organizations monetize and grow especially amid industry-wide crisis and layoffs. By helping news organizations grow it fosters an environment for executives, decision-makers, and even consumers to trust that the information they are receiving is accurate, validated, timely, and relevant.

To learn more about the Turbine Labs/Thomson Reuters partnership agreement, you can find the full press release here.

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