Data Analyst


Why we're here...

We’re here because, for brand leaders, access to data is easy. But access to answers is hard. Very hard.

Think about this: Over 800 SaaS companies provide media monitoring or social listening. But 60% of end-users say they must access between 3 and 5 separate software tools to get even the most basic answers to questions asked by brand leaders. This problem is compounded by over 42% of executives stating they have less than 24 hours to make key decisions. This is all happening at a time when one negative viral message can cost a brand millions in lost value and reputation.

Too much noisy data. Too many inefficiencies. Not enough time. Too much at stake.

That’s our message. Do you think you can empathize with and evangelize to executives at leading brands who are right in the middle of this critical challenge?

If so, come work with us. Turbine Labs has developed software that offers “answers as a service”. Decision makers ask any question on any topic related to their brand, market, competitors, whatever - and the answer delivered in the right format, to the right people, at the right time. Simple and powerful.

Many of our customers - leading brands and media companies, agencies, and other organizations - are based in New York. We sell primarily to Director level and above.

Job Overview

Entry Level Data Analysts at Turbine Labs work with a team to produce actionable briefings and reports for our brand and agency customers. Our platform aggregates consumer, media, influencer, and virality data from multiple sources to determine the true impact of an event or campaign.

What makes our platform so powerful and effective is people. You. While software gets us most of the way to delivering our product, we rely on great people to curate content and define the narrative of a topic to make our reporting and insights immediately actionable.

What you will help produce is read and relied upon by top executives from here in Colorado to some of the largest companies across world.


  • Research of brand and competitive topics utilizing customized consumer and media behavioral analytics platform
  • Collection and curation of brand, consumer, and media content that most accurately define the topic narrative
  • Insights and analysis development to ensure actionability of finalized product deliverables

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Excellent verbal, written communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Self-starter, self-motivated, highly adaptable
  • Strong ability to collaborate in an open workspace
  • Naturally curious, able to speak and write about various topics and interests
  • Ability to research complicated subjects using a variety of sources


  • Turbine Labs is based in Greenwood Village, Colorado.
  • Candidates must be located in the Great Denver area.
  • No relocation allowance is offered for this position.

Resume and Cover Letter required, please email them to Erica Schecher at

Position: Full-time

Posted: March 7, 2018



Turbine Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer.