Turbine Segment

A clear signal in a sea of noise. Segment brings any topic, event or crisis into context, enabling effective data-driven decision making. 


Far More Effective Than Traditional Reporting

Comprehensive, yet concise. Segment delivers “hyper-curated” intelligence that is immediately useful and actionable. No need to spend time logging in to multiple software tools, writing complex queries, and cleansing and classifying data. Segment does it all for you.

A Vastly Improved User Experience Over Any Standalone Software Tool or Platform

Turbine customers order Segment briefings using natural language. Ask Turbine a question, receive the answer in as little as two hours. Topic data is filtered, classified, and sentiment scored by human trained machine learning algorithms. Human analysts curate content and integrate actionable insights. Segment is delivered in an easy-to-process briefing format - relevant to practitioners, managers and senior executives alike.  powerful combination of machine intelligence and human analysis results in an output that is far more relevant and valuable. 

The Only Reporting and Actionable Insights That Keeps Getting Smarter 

A service that only grows in relevance and value over time, all insights and quantitative data from each Segment is archived and processed by the Turbine platform for use in future analysis. Archive data can also be accessed independently for research, benchmarking, and validation. 


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