Delivering Timely Intelligence for Critical Sales Opportunities

Customer: Top 5 US-Based Lobbying Organization
Solution: Turbine Labs Sales Enablement Segment (Regulatory + Legal Edition)

One of the top lobbying organizations in the U.S. was struggling to provide sales executives timely intelligence in advance of critical sales meetings with Fortune 1000 clients. Reports often took a week or more to research and complete, were often out-of-date, missed late-breaking events, and sometimes overlooked vital topics entirely. Today, Turbine Sales Enablement Segment™ delivers comprehensive intelligence in a fraction of the time, enabling executives to approach meetings with more depth and context, improving client confidence in the value of the lobbying organization's services.

To manage time and human resources across the sales team, briefings were often delivered days before the actual sales appointment, often causing executives to miss key message points while meetings took place.