Why We're Here.


We'd been at this game long enough to notice something wasn't quite right. In talking to large brands, one thing was clear: it was becoming too difficult for executives and managers across organizations to get data driven answers to basic questions from service providers and software tools. Questions like, "How did our new product launch perform...today?" Or, "What are the media and analyst community saying about our competitor's earnings release...this morning?" Or, "Is this reporter's Tweet about to go viral?" Or, "Can I just get someone to return my call...this week?"

Quite frankly, we'd had enough. We'd had enough because we knew that, on office campuses and in high-rises, key deadlines were passing by. Decisions were being made without all the facts. Recommendations were being made with uncertainty rather than confidence. Big opportunities were being missed.

So we rented an office. We plastered a 22- by 12-foot image of a jet engine intake at the far end of it. Because, you know, speed. We set out to build a software and services company that changed how information flowed and is used from the outside in. And at the same time, we set out to do a full 180 on the service experience big brands can – and should – expect from any vendor, big or small. And we committed to doing it all...faster.

In the concept of a turbine, air or liquid that is picked up by the intake is converted into something far more dense, rich, and useful than it was in it's previous state.

That's what's happening in our Turbine. We're converting the massive – and ever growing – volume of media coverage, user generated content, images, video, forums, blogs, Tweets, broadcast coverage – everything – into something far more useful. Real insights. In context. Delivered to the right people within your brand. At exactly the right time.

We hope you join our flight plan – either through a free trial of our platform, or by subscribing to our daily media and tech briefing, the JetStream, or by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.




Leigh Fatzinger    CEO & Founder     Turbine Labs Corp

Leigh Fatzinger 

CEO & Founder

Turbine Labs Corp